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How to make money on forex and the ability to admit mistakes

For me, investing and forex trading in general, whether it is trading on advisors or traditional trading (independent trading) is associated with work, for example, a chef. The chef is working on a culinary masterpiece for hours, or even days. And if as a result everything burned down, the dough did not rise, it was over-salted, pereperchil. He does not cry over the dish for hours, days, months. All down the toilet and back to the stove. This is what I am, but that’s what …

If you burned on investing, ran into inexperience on HYIP or, forgetting all the rules, put everything in one memory and he went into a deep minus, or you are a trader and have withdrawn the entire deposit. You do not have to tear your hair out and savor the loss for years, saying that Forex is a scam and work on an “uncle” before retirement.

The portal Fx-rated.com has a lot of tips and tricks about this.

We take the error into account, we are not looking for the guilty — and again, and again, and first.

We ran into the HYIP — so there is no place for the HYIP. This is the price of greed. Better, less, but more reliable.

Pamm-account, which invested, went into a deep minus? Pamm in the portfolio was all alone, and you invested everything? So, it’s time to reconsider your views and still expand your portfolio to 4-5, and better than 10 pamm accounts with different trading strategies.

Fell stock prices? You either sell immediately, if global events, wars, market downturns, economic crisis became the cause — then you will be left with at least some money. Or sell and buy shares in another sector of the economy or another company. One way or another, the decision will have to be made.

Do you trade independently and have withdrawn the entire deposit? Trading in the financial market is a difficult task, accept this drain as an experience fee, and go ahead, learn. Learn the psychology of trade, learn to analyze charts, develop your own trading strategy and so on.

In general, no one has canceled learning from mistakes. How to make money on forex? Not easy, but possible, and it is possible to earn a lot of money. And the ability to start all over again after a crash, mistake or drawdown is also a talent. Talent to be strong and to be able to look for the cause in yourself and not in others.

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